Consumer Services

Investigative services and solutions designed to assist individuals and family members find the truth about common problems confronting them can be easily found here:

Is your spouse cheating? Have a cell phone you don’t know about. Hiding money and expenditures. Is your boyfriend or girlfriend married but pretending not to be? Does he or she have a criminal past? Been in prison or divorced many times before? Can’t find the love of your life?

During custody visitation is your ex abusing alcohol or drugs? Driving safely, Caring for the minors, leaving them unattended. Cohabitation with other adults, abusing the children, abdicating their parental responsibility to others.

Do you need legal records of deaths, marriage, divorce, judgments, court records, police reports, phone or bank, financial records, or even a background investigation?

Do you need evidence of criminal acts against yourself, family or children that the police cannot provide? Need surveillance or a hidden camera to get the proof?

Then TBC Investigations is your chosen Investigative agency to help in these areas: